Thursday, 1 September 2016

Never Realised I am So Like a Politician

After a really long time I remembered that I had a blog. I had time at my hands so I opened the URL and read the top few posts of mine. It was very nostalgic and I liked being in this aura. Missed the good old days when I was contributing more to this now-kind-of-deserted blog of mine. Thought of bringing those days back. 

And then I read one of my posts titled “Death of a Storyteller and the Rebirth”. I read it and then fell from chair to the ground laughing really hard. I sooooo felt like a politician; making false claims, making false promises and not delivering anything. 

Shaken by this realization (and certainly by the laughter) I instantly made another promise; never to make such false promises again. Now only time will tell if I will be able to keep it or break it as usual. 

My Thought of the Moment: 
If you have to do something then just do it! Don’t tell the world about it, don’t think too much about it, and for heaven's sake, don’t dream about the fruits of your effort before you’ve actually done anything. Just do it and see the goodness unfold. 

Have a nice day! :-)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Google's Pakistani Doodle - Happy Independence Day

Google's today's doodle is perhaps one of the very best. And i am saying this from a Pakistani perspective. Take a look and see for yourself. 

Note: Click on the image to view a larger version. View the bottom right of the image to confirm the date for the special doodle.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all Pakistanis all around the world. May Allah keep our country progressing on the path of prosperity and success always. 

PS: If you have viewed this post well in time, there may still be time left for you to see the doodle for yourself. Just type in and you are good to go!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

An Ode to "Metro" (The Bus Project)

The "bee" of the Rawalpindi/Islamabad Metro Bus project is stinging like anything these days. Every day is a struggle to commute from one city to the other and back. Here is what we are going through: 

Every day we think of a "clever" route to pursue! Getting there shows the "cleverer" world is there too! 

We try to make way through the "gaps"! If we're lucky, we avoid the traffic "traps"!

We huff and puff! The drive is rough!

Moving inch by inch, at every turn we cringe! 

Temperatures rise and tempers shoot! You wanna' give everybody a "boot"! (They wanna do it too!)

You get the picture, right? How many of  you are facing the same plight?

Monday, 2 December 2013

The Dreary Man

An attempt at creating a portrait out of words.  

The dreary man looked older than his years. He was perhaps in his late forties or even younger. He was clad in a white shalwar qameez. A white crocheted cap was sitting neatly on his head and on his feet he wore dust covered slippers. His snowy bearded face made him look respectable according to the society’s standards. His somewhat trembling lips were holding on to a cigarette which presumably was a cheap brand affordable to him. He had a slight limp in his walk which he was confidently covering by trying to walk as straight as possible.

The hardships of the life had left a mark on his overall persona. The difficulties he had been going through all his life were clearly evident. The lines, features and expressions on his face were a witness to his destitution. But he was going strong; as strong as can be. He was boldly facing the hurdles of his life and bravely fighting them off. He was not spreading his hand in front of people to beg for alms. He was continuing to rightfully “earn” a livelihood by working. He had not let the difficulties beat him up or extinguish the flame of life burning within him. 

He was still standing tall; a noble man with flowing dignity.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

And the Ice-Breaking Question Was .....

Just remembered a funny incident and REALLY wanted to share. So here goes *wink*

I went to a seminar once. I went alone, on my own and on my own initiative. I was hoping to learn a lot and gather loads from the experience. In the whole bunch, I could see only a few girls. Following my female tendency, I was hoping that that group of girls would let me in their tiny circle too, to allow me to chat and get comfy with the surroundings.

I was standing all alone at the first tea break. Suddenly I saw that bunch of gals approaching. My heartbeat started to increase a bit. I felt excitement and anxiety at the same time. I couldn’t believe it that after hours of sitting and being alone I was finally going to be taken under the feather by fellow female attendees. With every step they took, my excitement mounted.

And then came the glorious moment, the moment I was spoken to. I was expecting an introduction from them, or a query about my own self, or at least a friendly “hello” to break the ice. What my ears heard was incomprehensible for the first few fractions of the second. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. But I was soon pushed back into reality and realized that what I heard was correct.

And those words were, “Where is the bathroom?” :-P

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Death of a Storyteller and the Rebirth

When a storyteller runs out of stories to tell, it is her or his death. Not being able to do what you are best at, is devastating. When the creativity flow stops, everything stops. The brain never comes to a stand still alone. It brings down the whole world of a person along with it. 

So have I run out of stories to tell? Nope. Am i facing hindrance in doing what i am best at? No. Have i stopped being creative? Wouldn't say that. Has my brain come to a stand still and halted all operations of my little world? Not really. 

So what was all THAT about. Well i don't actually believe for any of the above to be true, but for a while it did feel that way. I did feel frozen and blocked. I did have a feeling of being chained and not being able to break free. My brain did feel like being on a hiatus as far as story telling was concerned.

But now everything is turning back to normal. The stories are dying to be told and the blog is longing to have posts.

I once again want to thank the handful of regular visitors for continuously visiting the blog and believing in my storytelling abilities while i myself had some doubts.   :-)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I was promoting this page at all the possible places. But the one most important page i forgot to promote this on was my very own blog :-P How absent minded can I be! Well now that i am awake, here is the link:

Montalista Facebook Page:

It is a page selling jewellery (as a start). More items are being added gradually.
Do take a look and hit "Like" if you like what you see there. Don't forget to leave feedback so that the page can be improved. Thanks in advance for your support :-)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013 :-)

Today was the first day of the new Gregorian year 2013. The most significant about the day was that it is my sister's birthday. But other than that it was pretty much like any other day. Come to think of it, it was even slower than my normal days. I was supposed to be in office which i wasn't. I was supposed to be a 100% healthy person. That i wasn't also. I was supposed to start out with some kind of a bang. Never heard even a rattle, let alone a bang. I had wanted to do lots on this day thinking that whatever i do today will have an impact on my whole year (the full year would be kinda reflection of my enthusiastic efforts and achievements of this day). Nothing of the sort happened. 

I wonder if that or something similar happened to you too. Perhaps you all also wanted to mark this day in some way and were not able to (or perhaps you were able to tick all the items in your New Year Day check list).

But no matter how this day passed, i wish everybody a very happy and blessed new year. May the new year bring lots of joys and fulfillment of aspirations. May Allah remain kind on us all and bestow upon us all the mercy and kindness. :-)

Monday, 10 December 2012

One of a Kind Picnic Trip

Wife: Honey! Would you prefer peanuts or almonds?

Husband: I don’t know. I don’t like either.

Wife: Ok I guess I will pack both for myself. I’ll get some Chilghozay (pine nuts) for you. Would that be ok?

Husband: Sure.

Wife: Hmm I need my muffler. It could get really cold like the other night. Should I pack one for you? It would keep you warm.

Husband: Don’t know.

Wife: Ok I’ll pack one anyway. And I’m also taking an extra sweater for myself. I think your jacket is already in the car, right?

Husband: Hmm yeah.

Wife: Would you need anything else? Think, think, think!

Husband: Nope.

Wife: Let me think if I’d need anything else. I’ll take my knitting, in case there is a long wait. Should I take some sweets and toffees also? Or perhaps some crisps and biscuits? Are there any bananas in the kitchen?

Husband: Forget them dear and lets go now.

Some Random Relative: Looks like you guys have packed for an overnight picnic trip? Where are you going?

Husband & Wife: To get CNG! 


PS: I wonder how many people would relate to this. ;-)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dulha Tayyar Kea Jata Hai

Hoshiyar, Khabardar - Zimadari dulha tayyar kernay tak mehduud hai. Baad kay kisi nuqsaan ka idara zimadar na ho ga. Apni zimadari per dulha tayyar kervaaeay. Shukria

Manjanib - Sakoon Hair Dresser

After reading this display of this one additional service provided by the hair dresser (as seen in the picture above), i just couldn't stop laughing. I know that just like brides, grooms also get themselves ready from a "parlour" or "salon". But the wording was just hilarious. Apologies to the ones who can't read Urdu. Hope the rest can fully enjoy the picture and the photographed writings. :-) *giggles*

PS: The disclaimer in italics was a creation of my own naughty mind. The Hair Dresser had nothing to do with it.  Iss paigham kee waja say honay walay har qisam kay nuqsan kee zimadari fidvi ko qabool hai. *giggles*